Alliance Broken

The Alliance with our former brother allies The Dark Warriors is officially broken.

The Dark Warriors will be listed as Neutral.

Here are the 4 main reasons:

 Necessary action will be taken if Badboy continues to be threatening not only to the Ice Warriors Ownership but also to the Warriors of this army.

Badboy, you have been warned.

That is all for now,

~Andrew24 Leader of the Ice Warriors

13 Responses

  1. Good bye DW they also were saying we had to many leaders


  2. To be honest DW are nothing more than crazy now. They will learn, they better learn. Bad luck DW. Go WV!


  3. DW can’t declare war because of the treaty lasting till 2020..




    • That’s the reason you joined DW, Making DCP allies first then merging the whole DW into DCP or somehow give DCP Dw’s Nation (P). Be my guest bad this is going to Ambrosha, Unk, SaW. You also broke the warriors term (p). This is also going to Them, It was decided by Warriors that they will never break the term of brother allies But you did it So un-allied every warrior army which is not allowed according to the warrior term. Making DCP allies might not get you coup’ed, but breaking the warriors term will get you coup’ed. It’s still time, Say sorry to warriors and accept the warriors term again.


  5. Bad, this isn’t acceptable. You’re screwing up the Dark Warriors, and you’re doing such stupid things, and that is this. The Dark Warriors has been allies with the Ice Warriors since 2007, and Ambrosha will not be happy about this. Him and Iceyfeet1234 agreed to be brother allies last year @ March 2014 and thats not a long time, its a year ago. With all of this, l am not happy either, you already SCREWED it up on everything, and the Dark Warriors aren’t gonna be as good as it is right now.
    Do you want DW to ended up as a bad history? l dont think so, DW should always have a fresh history…
    So you should think about this, and start apologizing to the Ice Warriors army and their family, and it will be normal.
    Its a warning to YOU, or you know whats gonna happen. Im expecting to keep an eye watch on you, or you’re gonna ended up getting couped.


  6. I said this a few weeks ago on the CPAC top ten. Badboy’s big mouth is gonna get him in trouble…


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