Week In Review 3/1/15 – 3/7/15

US Events: 6
UK Events: 4
AUS Events: 0
Total Events: 10

Training/Recruiting Sessions: 5
Battles: 5

Requested Top 10 Picture:

Screenshot at Mar 01 14-03-27

Sunday, March 1st

Tournament Battle V.S. Matricz

Max Size: 61 (confirmed by CPAC judges)

Screenshot at Mar 01 14-18-00

Screenshot at Mar 01 14-28-55Screenshot at Mar 01 14-29-10

Monday, March 2nd

UK Training/Recruiting Session

Max Size: 13

US PB V.S. Golds and DCP

Max Size: 30

Tuesday, March 3rd

UK Training Session

Max Size: 17

Wednesday, March 4th

US Battle V.S. DW and DCP

Max Size: 27

Thursday, March 5th

UK Training Results

Max Size: 17

US Battle V.S. DCP

Max Size: 38

Friday, March 6th


US Training Results (extra pics :D)

Max Size: 25

This Is The Amount of Ice Warriors on Club Penguin During The Event.

Line #1 = E+2 Smiles Line #2 = E+9 Mad Faces.

Line #1 = ICE Line #2 = WARRIORS.


Saturday, March 7th

US/UK Training Results

Max Size: 30

bye for now,

~ Iceyfeet1234

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  1. Good job IW we will be number 1


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