Reminders – Promos at the end of month is TODAY

Hey Ice Warriors, 

I am doing this the best for the leaders, because there are many people that are worried of why they don’t get a promotion this end of month right now.  The promotion are always after the event is finished, then you will get a promotion.

But if you are unfairly not getting a promotion, just answer these questions:[REMEMBER YOU CAN DO THIS AFTER THE EVENT ARE FINISHED.] There will be clean and fresh air for the new start of May, once everything has set up.

How many events did you attend so far this month?

How active are you? [On scale of 1 out of 10, 1/10]

Were you unfairly not having a promotion this month? Why or why not? 

There will be promos for all the Ice Warriors troops who did well for the Ice Warriors and who did not. But that doesn’t mean that you dont get it when it comes to best for the Ice Warriors troops who attend events, and who did really well and deserved to get a promo. If you missed one today, its ok – unless you’re not that inactive, it still counts, but l dont want everyone to be like this, and it wont be a good day. But yeah like l said, there will be a promos for everyone at every end of month and that how it goes each year! So remember, attend this event at:

8:00 pm EST || 7:00 pm CST || 6:00 pm MST|| 5:00 pm PST || 1:00 am GMT


Server: Sub Zero

Room: Town

Again, if you feel like you are unfairly not having a promotion on the rank, just answer the question above!

[Thanks for telling me this, Beast4262! I almost forgot, lol]


3 Responses

  1. yay promos and ill be at battle


  2. YW kyle 😉


  3. I attended a lot of battles
    My activeness from 1-10 is about 9/10
    I think so and i don’t know why (i just check the website to se if i got a promo)


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