Well This Is It….

Greetings Troops

I wanted to leave something behind after the closure of Club Penguin but also Ice Warriors. I have been a member of CP armies since 2008. It’s this community that my childhood was brought up on and gained new skills and friends. I have met hundreds of good people and made tons of friends I never would of met without this community. It’s been an honour and privilege to end my long career at this historic army and with all of you. I wish you the very best in life and hope one day we may meet again. What we have done here, what we created together. Will never be forgotten and always will be a big moment in my life. I learnt compassion, leadership, loyalty and friendship whilst in this community, it’s a shame many kids in the next generation will never experience what we all have together. 

I am not a fan of long drawn out posts, there is too many people to even name and too many things to talk about. All I can say is that I know and have faith that every single one of you, can grow up to be something important and fulfill your dreams. If you ever want to talk make sure to add my kik: xSpikeyuk. 

I can’t describe in words the feeling I have right now, so I will end with this final word. Be smart, courageous and kind in life. We can change the world with one act of kindness at a time.

We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.  –  Sir Winston Churchill


UK Events

Hello Ice Warriors

Today we had an event and cleansed the server of Skates. We had a big improvement from our last UK event maxing 15 and averaging about 10. I’m very proud of all that attended this UK event!

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Hello Ice Warriors!

Today we had a event on Ice Age. The event was good size for a UK division averaging about 20 people with a max of 25 at one point. Our UK division still has alot of work to do and needs to become stronger to match our US division but for a UK event it was good.

Unfortunately my lightshot decided to break at the beginning of the event, so we only have 1 picture given by a fellow owner.


 The picture was taken near the end of the event with only showing 16-18 penguins. 

Overall it was a good event but can be improved. I’m again thankful to all the troops that logged on!

-Spikey [IW Temporary Leader]



Hi Ice Warriors!

Today our US division had a routine patrol of our server Husky. Everything was well until somebody bot raided our event and caused huge problems for us. We maxed 40 troops even with the bots constantly raiding.

Pictures below:




It’s a shame that Club Penguin armies has come to people bot raiding army events. Anyway it was still a good event, I am proud of all our troops for attending.

The bots may of ruined our event, but they can’t ruin our spirit!


-Spikey [Temporary IW Leader]

VE Day – 70 Years On

Hello Ice Warriors

On the 8th of May 2015 it was officially 70 years from VE day in Europe. I would like to give a tribute to the men and women that died or fought against evil. 

Victory in Europe Day, generally known as V-E Day, VE Day or simply V Day was the public holiday celebrated on 8 May 1945 (7 May in Commonwealth realms) to mark the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces. It thus marked the end of World War II in Europe.

On 30 April, Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader, committed suicide during the Battle of Berlin. Germany’s surrender, therefore, was authorised by his successor, Reichspräsident Karl Dönitz. The administration headed by Dönitz was known as the Flensburg Government. The act of military surrender was signed on 7 May in Reims, France and on 8 May in Berlin, Germany. 

Upon the defeat of Germany, celebrations erupted throughout the world. From Moscow to Los Angeles, people celebrated. In the United Kingdom, more than one million people celebrated in the streets to mark the end of the European part of the war. In London, crowds massed in Trafalgar Square and up the Mall to Buckingham Palace, where King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, accompanied by Prime Minister Winston Churchill, appeared on the balcony of the palace before the cheering crowds.

In the United States, the victory happened on President Harry Truman’s 61st birthday. He dedicated the victory to the memory of his predecessor, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who had died of a cerebral hemorrhage less than a month earlier, on 12 April.  Flags remained at half-mast for the remainder of the 30-day mourning period. Truman said of dedicating the victory to Roosevelt’s memory and keeping the flags at half-mast that his only wish was “that Franklin D. Roosevelt had lived to witness this day.” Later that day, Truman said that the victory made it his most enjoyable birthday.

Massive celebrations also took place in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami and especially in New York’s Times Square. It is important to remember the dates like these. The men and women sacrificed there lives to keep us safe and free. 

As you go to bed tonight, give a thought to those men over 70 years ago that died. They never returned home to their love ones. But we shall never forget the sacrifice they made, let this be a lesson the world shall never forget.


     WW2 1939-1945 

But A more recent war has just finished, the war in Afghanistan that was 14 brutal and bloody years has finally ended. More men dying to keep people safe and live with freedom, so when you think about war. Not all wars are old, there are still many wars around the world that are still continuing for the same privileges as us. Next time you think that you have a bad life, what about the families that have lost a loved one? They will never be the same again.

Recent Inactivate Behavior

Hello Ice Warriors

You may have noticed that I am not as active I was before. It has suddenly dropped rapidly lately. I am usually not on a as much as I was before. However there is a reason for this as I am going through exam school season. I have a real exam that counts to my leaving school grades and have been revising a lot. You may have seen me having ‘AFK’ in my name, so I wanted to clear this up. If you have a problem then PC me, don’t talk smack behind anyone’s back. You will all soon have this reality in life, so be prepared. I will be on chat but I will not been actively watching. However this doesn’t mean I don’t attend events. I hope this has cleared things out and this will not effect the rise of IW. I have faith in all of you to carry out your job roles responsibly and respectively.


Hello Ice Warriors

Recently on chat there has been a lot of fights and arguments between troops. This has also carried on into the group chat of ‘Kik’. I like to warn all troops that this is UNACCEPTABLE ,anybody found to be causing or/and fighting will receive a punishment. Everyone needs to work together for IW to succeed. You are not going to like everyone you meet in life but have to get on with it. Also the rules will now be strictly enforced, if someone is banned they will be banned for a reason. These people will not be unbanned by a owner and will have to serve their sentence. It’s time we start working together instead of falling apart. We are mature enough to know what is right and wrong. I expect people to start growing up and become more mature. If things do not change or show any sign of improvement then demotions may come necessary. Fights cause new recruits to leave chat that the owners work hard to bring. I also expect mods to be greeting new recruits and telling them how to join. Make sure you are friendly to them. 


If we do this then IW will become number 1 very soon. But we need you’re support, people need to be active and recruit as well.