The Bundle of Events

Be sure to continue scrolling down through the post after the PB.

I would like to start off with a practice battle. We shall be having one of these against our ally the Nachos at the times below.

Practice Battle: IW vs Nachos

Date: Sunday, April 3

Server: Fjord

Times: 3PM EDT, 2PM CDT, 1PM MDT, 12PM PDT, 8PM UK



Another thing I would like to bring into the mix is daily recruiting. All days of the week excepting Thursday. Owner ranks, Dasher, or whoever is the highest rank on shall lead.  Here’s the information you need to know:

Daily Recruiting

Date: Every day from Friday to Wednesday every week until an official stop is given.

Server: Any IW or neutral server. (To be determined)

Times: 7PM EDT, 6PM CDT, 5PM MDT, 4PM PDT, 12AM UK (Sorry its a bit late for you guys :c)

One last note, if possible I want all troops to try to get more active than you currently are. If you can’t become more active I will most likely understand why.


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