Retirement of Antman (Posted by Daleboxtel)

Hi IW soldiers. Antman asked me to write this post for him. That’s all you’ll hear from me.


Ok IW, the day has come. It is time for me to retire from my favorite army. This wasn’t my first army, but my second army. IW will always be in my heart. All the people here who helped me and all that crap. I joined IW in early 07. People tend to not believe me. But I never said I was the most active troop of the loud one like I was in 11. (No offence to anyone that they thought they were the best troop). Back in 07, I was a noob. I didnt know how they made websites or when to check them for events. Most of the time back then, I was busy. Until around 09 when I started to get the hang of it making events, doing tactics, being the best soldier I can be. I have retired twice from IW even from CP warfare. But, it is time I retire for good.

These are some of my greatest friends from IW/

Dash: Never see you anymore. Did you disapear or something? I think your name was dash at least! You made me my first icon ever!

Rain: Well, we dated once… Great friend. always helpful

Cece: Hai Cece! *THROWS IN WELL*

Maddy: Ohaider! Again, dated you. You scare me a little! xD

Icey: Icey! Always there for me, you once gave me ranks editor on site, and I loved it!

Dale: My BFF out of 2 of them! You’ll be missed most (With another person)! Also, GUESS WHAT?! HOOPLA!

Aqua: Ahhh! My other BFF! Found him! You’ll be missed most with Dale!

Aj: Just starting to get to know you! But, nice friend!

Alb: Hola alb. Ill miss you! Also, thanks for the epic icon!

Jojo: Hey dude! Ill miss you! Not much to say! xD

Zee: Every time I see you on xat you yell, “UNCLE! :3!” It’s awesome and funny! xD

Reddude: Thanks for getting that guy to pay me 100 days! Appreciate it! Awesome friend also!

Also, sorry if your not on this list!

There is a small request I’ve made about retiring

1. I don’t want anyone mad about me retiring.

Those are the two things I want. Since I’m retiring, doesn’t mean I’ll never be on IW chat anymore or help out at some events. It’s just, I’ve had my time in IW and I haven’t been active enough lately. Sorry to anyone who didn’t want me to go and congrats for your victory for people that wanted me to go

Ice Warriors ❤


15 Responses



  2. Lol Bye Ant. Sad To See Ya’ll go. Oh, Btw, one thing.



  3. Good bye ant, good friend 😦


  4. This was posted by Dale? WHOA, I didn’t notice.


  5. Goodbye ant. You hated me but so what XD


  6. Bye Ant D”:


  7. Ant promise u will visit! promise me D: first madi now u!


  8. Shit, i missed you ant.

    Goodbye old bud. ~Aqua

    P.S. I didnt retire, so you can kiss my sorry ass whoever thought I did.


  9. Dat’s my uncle.
    Zee will always love you.
    Now go make me a sammich.


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