Lets put in more effort!

Hello IW,

So recently our sizes have not been up to the mark, how can we start booming our sizes again and how can we prevent ourselves from dropping in the top ten? 

Schools have started again and you soldiers are getting busy in real life, that is completely fine but don’t let that affect the IW. Even the best armies can fall when they lack in loyalty and in fact many have, so whenever you get time please take the initiative to go on a chat or to log on to club penguin and recruit. Be it for 5 minutes, you never know the person who saw your advertisement in those 5 minutes might be a future army legend. Let other armies fall due to September or whatever their excuses are we should not fall in that category everyone in life is busy but it really is not that hard to attend events is it? Mostly there is one event of 30 minutes once in 2-3 days in a week. If the times do not suit you then you can always contact a leader/owner and request them to shift the timings, we want you to attend events and we want you to enjoy your time in IW please don’t take it as stress, being a good troop and attending events will make your club penguin army journey even more fun.

Most importantly recruiting please try to recruit wherever and whenever you get the time to as I said be it for 5 minutes you never know how effective that might be. Lets never have the attitude of “we are the best” no matter how high we reach, we all love celebrating our wins but never be over-confident what we have been doing till now we need to continue that work and with that loyalty and dedication no army can stop us. Every single troop stands for what IW is today so remember no matter what your rank is, you are really important for our army when you get promoted by actually working hard you will enjoy it and you will have loads of fun!

– Rockyiceman1 IW Ausia Leader. 

2 Responses

  1. heyyy you knowww there is a thing called school and homework, and it can suck for some people cause they are in honors or AP classes so maybe you can think about that again.


    • Yes I am aware of that and I’ve even stated it in my post that people are busy in real life cause of school and all, but hey school and all is not there 24×7 every human can take out at least 5 minutes to recruit whenever they are free.


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