The Sub Zero Standard #2 [11/8/20-11/17/20]

Hey Ice Warriors

Welcome to the weekly Sub Zero Standard! Last week we got to second place on the CP Army Hub Top Ten, amazing job! This week was no exception, and once again we had a busy week with many invasions and fun events! Keep reading for a brief recap 😉 


[AUSIA] Successful Invasion of Shiver

AUSIA Max: 54

To kick off our week, we logged on to CpArmies Shiver for a good old invasion! We dominated the Water Vikings with ease and once again, we proved how stronk our AUSIA really is. We won the battle with a score of 3-0! 

Food Fight Battle vs Secret Service

Max: 56

For our second Sunday event, we logged on to CpArmies Alaska for a food fight with the Secret Service! Our two teams, the Apples and the Oranges threw some great food tactics at the Secret Service. The battle resulted in a…

Tie between the Apples and the Oranges

Successful Invasion of Parka

Max: 57

On Monday, we logged on to CpArmies Parka for our second invasion of the week! This time, we invaded the Army of Orient Seas, but sadly they didn’t even show up. We still had our fun training some fun tactics!

Successful Invasion of Below Zero

Max: 61

After a break day filled with games, we then logged on to CpArmies Klondike for another invasion against the Water Vikings! Only 3 Vikings showed up, and we won the server with a final score of 3-0!

Game Night!

After three invasions and a food fight, the Ice Warriors took a day off from battling. On Thursday, we held many game events, such as Roblox and Among Us! 

[AUSIA] War Training

AUSIA Max: 51

Before our re-invasion of Shiver, we held a training event for our AUSIA troops! Once again, our AUSIA troops proved to be stronker than ever! After some amazing tactics, we then waddled over to the Ski Hill for some sled racing!

Successful Re-Invasion of Shiver

Max: 62

For this week’s last event, we re-invaded Shiver! Due to the war deemed invalid by CP Army Hub, we were forced to invade Shiver again, to make it ours for once and for all! Once again, we did an amazing job and since the Water Vikings didn’t show up, the server was automatically ours.

Promotions, SMOTW & TOTW

This week, a new batch of Staff in Training joined the Staff family! Make sure to congratulate MayaEbbyManta, Queen uwu/Rein, Jakob and Saoirse for this accomplishment! 

On Friday, Chevy was promoted to Staff! Make sure to congratulate her in main-chat! She has done amazing in her Staff training and certainly deserves this new rank!

This week’s Staff Members of the Week were the awesome IceQueen and Freedomist! Both are leaders of our colony, the Water Ninjas, and have been super active and helpful this whole week! Great job and thank you for everything that you do ❤

Highlight of the Week

This week, we had many great posts on our website. We started with an investigative look into Icey’s breakfast, then got to know our veteran Firestar and as per usual, had our weekly Q&A and Fan Art Friday. We also announced our Scary Story Writing Competition winners, congratulations again to TrinityKallyCaptain Corgi, and Rein! All four stories were awesome!

For this week’s highlight, without any hesitation, was our spot on this week’s Top Ten! Once again we were in FIRST PLACE!!! This would have never been possible without all of you loyal troops, diligently attending our events and invasions ❤ Each and every single one of you makes a huge difference, thank you for helping us get to number one once again! Let’s keep it up and get to First next week as well! IW FOREVER!


What did you guys think of this week? Are you excited for next week? 

Make sure to check #events-information for our next events! ❤



Ice Warriors Leader in Training

6 Responses

  1. Amazing

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  2. Ayeee FIRST PLACE let’s go IW 💖!! This last week was my 2nd one in IW and it’s been amazing, I love the IW community! My favorite event from the past week has to be that first Invasion we had against WV in Shiver, that was really fun and it felt so nice seeing everyone do the tactics so well! I’m very excited to see what this next week will bring 👀

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  3. IW IW IW

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  4. YAYAYAYAYYAAYYY! Amazing job everyone! I can’t wait for next week! 🥰 #IWONTOP

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