Hello Ice Warriors!

Yesterday took a place a very important event. Yesterday one of our friend and very-deserved staff member becomes a leader. Huge shout out to our new Ice Warriors leader Kally. She already proved how amazing, organized and a kind person she is. We all wish her the best in the leader position in the CPR era. Remember to congratulate Kally, when you spot her on our main chat.

== max penguins online: 62 ==

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TBT: When CP Went PG-13 (Operation Blackout)

Hello Ice Warriors

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! As the title implies, in this series of articles we will be going back in time to visit a very special memory from the Club Penguin game and its community, not to be confused with the Time Capsule series, which focused on the army aspect of things.

To begin this new series, we present to you The Day Club Penguin Went PG-13: Operation Blackout.

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