History of Coins for Change [2007-present]

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Coins for Change of 2014 is here, click read more to find out!

History of Coins for Change though the years. (2007-present)

The Coins for Change icon [2007-2011]

The Coins for Change icon [2012-present]

The Coins For Change button on the main Club Penguin page.


Starting December 14, Club Penguin officially decided to donate one million of their actual money earned from the purchase from Disney to various charities. They set up two locations on the island where you could donate your virtual coins for different causes. The three causes were to help children in need from around the world, help the sick who can not afford medical treatment, or the environment. Although all three causes received funds, the one with the most donated virtual coins received the most real world money. It was Kids Health. There were stands at 2 locations; one at The Plaza and one at the Beach. Upon donating, you would receive the Coins For Change Card, which was only available during the 2007 campaign.

There were cross-promotions aired on Disney Channel, before and during the event.

There were three charitable organizations that shared the $1 million donation, namely:

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) (for the environment)

Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (for children’s health)

Free the Children (for children in developing countries)


The results as of December 21, 2007:

  • Kids Health- 44%
  • Environment- 29%
  • Kids around the world- 27%



The final results were:

  • Kids health- 39.4%
  • Environment- 33%
  • Kids around the world- 27.6%

2.5 million penguins donated and 2 billion coins were donated all together. The event ended on Christmas Eve. Also in Coins for Change 2007, if you donated, you would have gotten a special letter added in your inventory!


On November 10, Club Penguin officially announced that Coins for Change would be back on December 12, 2008. It ended on December 22, 2008. A donation bucket was added in the Captain’s Quarters. Club Penguin also made a new page that you could access by clicking the Coins For Change stand and bucket on the home page.


There were three new charitable organizations that would share the $1 million donation:

  • Kids who are sick
  • Kids who are poor and cannot go to school
  • Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war


The final results were:

  • Kids who are sick- 30%
  • Kids who are poor and cannot go to school- 33%
  • Kids without parents or who have been hurt by war- 37%

3 billion coins were donated all together, and a total of 1.5 million USD was donated to the charitable organizations. They also get the “Thanks for Giving!” card. (:


Coins for Change 2009 occurred during the Holiday Party 2009 from December 18–29, 2009. It was already a great success even on its first day. Members were able to buy a Coins for change station for their igloo and non-members and members were able to get a free Coins for Change Background from Rockhopper. This year, over 4 billion virtual coins were donated by more than 2.9 million players.


The final results are:

  • Kids who are poor- 33%
  • Kids who are sick- 31.5%
  • The Environment- 35.5%


The amounts of money which can be donated are as follows:

50 coins

250 coins

500 coins

Also there was a benefit concert called “Concert for Change”.


Coins for Change 2010 was a success. It occurred from December 16–27, 2010 during the Holiday Party 2010. There were 2 stamps you could earn for donating which were the Volunteer stamp and the Top Volunteer stamp. You could get them by donating, but you had to donate 5000 coins for the Top Volunteer stamp. There were tubes Rockhopper brought everywhere that transported the coins into the Lighthouse. Every few days, more and more coins would fill up the Lighthouse and Beacon. There were items you could buy in Rockhopper’s Rare Items that related to the categories. The results were announced on January 4, 2011.



  • Build Safe Places
  • Protect The Earth
  • Provide Medical Help


The amounts of money which can be donated are as follows:

100 Coins

500 coins

800 Coins

5000 Coins


The Grand Total raised was: 12,261,193,800. £340,000 went to ‘Providing Medical Help’, £360,000 went to ‘Protecting the Earth’, and £300,000 went towards ‘Building Safe Places’. Well done penguins! was Club Penguin’s response.


The 2011 Coins For Change happened in 2011 from December 15–29 during the Holiday Party 2011 Disney announced that they will double the coins which they got. You can now donate up to 10K (K means thousand) Coins, which gives you the Epic Volunteer Stamp.


You could donate:

100 Coins

500 Coins

1,000 Coins

5,000 Coins

10,000 Coins

  • Building Safe Places – $620,000
  • Medical Help – $640,000
  • Protecting the Earth – $740,000


The Coins for Change 2012 went on along with Holiday Party 2012 from December 20, 2012 to January 4, 2013. You were able to buy cookies at the Bakery to fund raise for Coins for Change. There will be a Coin Counter at the Snow Forts. The Lighthouse wasn’t filled with coins anymore. There’s a glitch with this Coins For Change, as if you click on a Coins For Change-stand in an igloo when this year’s Coins For Change ended, the donate coins screen will actually appear after the event has officially ended. This was soon fixed. You can donate the following amounts in the following categories.

100 Coins

500 Coins

1,000 Coins

5,000 Coins

10,000 Coins

  • Building Safe Places – $395,460
  • Medical Help – $308,614
  • Protecting the Earth – $295,926


The 2013 Coins for Change started on December 19 and ended on January 1. Different from the previous years, you can not choose which category you want to donate the coins to. On December 12, 2013, Captain Rockhopper was spotted through the Telescope from the Beacon with some train tracks which were being used for December 19, 2013 (Holiday Party 2013). During the Holiday Party 2013, members could own 4 different types of trains and invite penguins to a ride. Member penguins could also go through the Blue Line, Red Line or the Green Line and to throw snowballs to the floating objects to earn coins which were being used for Coins For Change also. All penguins could also earn items by donating to Coins For Change as well as the CFC 2013 Pin by donating into the normal Coins For Change buckets. Through donation amounts, Club Penguin has donated USD 1 Million to each to help the following organizations to do the following things all around the world.

Organization(s) Name


Toys for Tots, One Warm Coat Provide toys and warm coats to USA
Global Penguin Society Save nesting grounds for penguins to lay eggs and raise children
Partners in the Horn of Africa Build 10 libraries in Ethiopia and 5 schools in India
Wildlife Conservation Network, Rare Preserve homes of Yellow-tailed Woolly Monkey in Peru and Andean Cats in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.
N/A Send 12,500 activity packages to kids in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, UK and USA.
Free the Children Provide clean water to San Miguel, Ecuador
Wildlife Conservation Network Protect snow leopards and saiga antelopes in Uzbekistan and Russia
Imagine 1 Day, War Child Build a whole school in Ethiopia and provide school kits for 2,000 students in Democratic Republic of Congo
Wildlife Conservation Network Protect the homes of Painted Dogs and Lions in Mozambique and Zimbabwe.
Partners in Health Construct hospital wings for new mothers and their babies in Malawi.


The 2014 Coins for Change will occur during the Merry Walrus Party. Additionally, all items bought from the Penguin Style catalog during the Merry Walrus will go towards donations.

Button2 Provide Medical Help
Organization(s) Name Use
Disney Hospital Care Package Program Donation of care packages to more than 450 hospitals.
Partners in Health,International Rescue Committee Provide nutritional support to TB and HIV patients, pregnant women and educational programs to families.
Children’s Surgical Centre,Partners in Health Financing the training of local surgeons.
Free The Children, Partners in Health Construction of hospital and clinics in remote and impoverished communities.
Free The Children Providing clean water to communities who don’t have access to it.
Button3 Protect the Earth
Organization(s) Name Use
Various organizations Funding programs such as conservation camps, and educational programs in schools to inspire kids to protect their natural habitat.
Free The Children Construction of community gardens.
Free The Children Funding tree nurseries to help reforestate areas where people and animals live, rebuilding habitats and helping maintain balanced ecosystems.
Wildlife Conservation Network, Rare Conservation Funding habitat preservation projects.
Global Penguin Society,Wildlife Conservation Network Supporting the protection and conservation of nearly a dozen animal species.
Button1 Build Safe Places
Organization(s) Name Use
Playground Builders Construction of playgrounds for children in poverty, affected by war or natural disasters.
War Child, Street Children International Funding programs to educate women and children about civil rights, self-protection, non-violent conflict solution, etc.
War Child, Un Techo Para Mi Pais Construction of youth recreational centers to avoid dangerous and exploitative children work.
Free The Children, Partners in the Horn of Africa Providing libraries with material, such as books and computers.
Free The Children, Partners in the Horn of Africa Construction of schools and classrooms in places affected by war or poverty.

So what do you guys think about this Coins for Change of 2014? Do you think this year is the better than the past years ago? Please leave your comment below.
-Kyle103 Fourth In Command

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