Event Recap: Dec 5th-Dec 11th

Hello Ice Warriors!!

In just about 24 hours, we will be participating in the second round of Christmas Chaos XI. Thankfully, the Ice Warriors family has come together to prepare for this big day with only one goal in mind: To Win.  It’s the final push to get our desired results for tomorrow and we are certain Ice Warriors will remain victorious for the tournament. This week, you saw a lot of events that were hosted in aid of the big tournament. Let’s see how IW did this week and the recent news! 

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Event Recap: November 21st-November 27th

Hweoooo Ice Warriors :3

Thank you for an amazing and dominating week. This week Ice Warriors announced that Christmas Chaos XI is on its way! This week we prepped with two great CCX training events, a PB with RPF, celebrated a hard week with our IW fall ball, that included a special announcement! Wonder what happened this week? Let’s take a look!
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Event Recap: November 14th-November 20th

What’s going on Ice Warriors! Welcome back to another weekly event recap This week was a much quieter week, but we did learn some interesting news towards the end of the week.

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Event Recap: November 7th-November 13th

SubZero, Ice Warriors Capital – Thank you to everyone to everyone who has continuously worked hard over the past couple of weeks. Being in school, having a full-time job, dealing with friends and family, it gets really hard to balance alongside being a Staff/Troop in the Ice Warriors server yet yall continue to find the time and effort for Ice Warrior, a true warrior you all are! Let’s just jump into this week’s recap.

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Weekly Recap: September 26, 2021- October 2nd 2021

Good Evening Ice Warriors,

It’s your Queen’s Duo, DrQueen, and IceQueen. Back at it again with another weekly recap!!! We are super relieved that the infamous September drop is finally over. October has arrived, bringing us a new month to achieve big things and make even more extended history! However, let’s took a look to see what happened this week and our achievements for September.

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Weekly Recap: September 19th, 2021-September 25th, 2021

Hey there Ice Warriors!

It’s your favorite Queen’s Duo again! (DrQueen & LoudQueen). This week was a very exciting week and defiantly a much bigger improvement from last week! Let’s take a look at all the exciting events that occurred this week!

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Events Recap: September 12th, 2021 – September 18th, 2021

Hey everyone, it’s your favorite Queens Duos! (DrQueen and IceQueen)

This week was a much slower week compared to last week. We hosted a total of 6 events but held many practice battles with our dear allies!! However, this week was definitely a week to remember given our two amazing trusted staff members, Freedomist and Kristina, both got promoted to our newest Leaders in Training!! It is an honor to have the two of them on the admin team and help run the army! Congrats to you both and we are happy to have you on board! From that, let’s check out the events we hosted this week!

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