Weekly Recap #8

Sub Zero, Ice Warriors Capital

Hello friends!

What were your favourite game events this week? What virtual activities are you looking forward to this week? Let’s see what the game divisions offered to us in the past few days!


This week we had a large amount of CPR events! Starting off the week with an Ice Warriors Civil War (Staff vs Troops vs HCOM). Congrats to the Staff Team for winning! Next off we had an EU Tournament Training for upcoming March Madness and an AUSIA Pizza Party event during which we were dressing in our outfits and having a blast. Towards the middle of the week we had an IW Divisions VS P.I.C. battle. Then we had a St. Patrick’s Day Tournament Training. The end of the week ended with our the first winning battle in the March Madness Tournament 2021 v.s SWAT.

– HeadChicken


Our Minecraft Division offered 2 amazing events in this week! On Wednesday you were able to partcipate in AUSIA Minecraft PvP, hosted by Levelz and Gavinclark. During this specific tournament all participants face each others. Congratulation to Kirby for winning this time! At the end of the week you could show us your building skills in Minecraft Building Contest held by Crisy and Gavinclark. Congratulations to all winners!

– Shinde


This week in the Roblox Division, we had two very fun events held. On Thursday, Clindsz and IceQueen held Arsenal, with an attendance of 22, and on Friday, Hiro and Bun held a game of Sharkbite, which had an attendance of 23! All games were very popular and great fun. A big thank you to our hosts and those who attended! Make sure to keep an eye out in #🎮┃games-centre for our next game!

– Saoirse

Among Us

Among Us had a fun week with three games! The first one was an AUSIA Among Us hosted by our staff, Crazyflame! Midweek we had a surprise game hosted by our Corporal 1st Class, KingCrimson! We finished the week off with a game hosted by IceQueen and our Head General, Aidan! Now if you’ve played Among Us with Ice Warriors before you’ll learn that for some reason ‘IceQueen is always sus.’ I really don’t know why everyone thinks I’m sus but apparently I am. Below is a photo from our staff, Alucard, who’s trying to prove that ‘IceQueen is sus’ XD.

Voice Chat Events

The Voice Chat Division had a fun week with only 3 events. They started the week strong with a fun karaoke. The second event was a fun general knowledge kahoot. Congrats to our winners, you guys did amazing. We also had another fun karaoke to finish this fun week. What was your favourite event? Let us know down below in the comment section.
– Purple

Miscellaneous Games

The Misc Games Division had a total of 3 events this week. At the start of the week you could participate in Agar.io hosted by Kally and show us your strategy how to grow bigger than others in this specific game. On Tuesday you were able to attend Codename held by HeadChicken. In the middle of week you surprised us with your drawing skills in Skribbl.io hosted by Chevy and Girofighter.

– Shinde

What were your favourite games of the week? Let us know in the comment section below!

Much love and see you around, 

HeadChickenSaoirse, IceQueen, Purple & Shinde

Ice Warriors Reporters

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