May Furniture & Igloo Upgrades – CPR

Hello Ice Warriors! Today I’m bringing you some new catalogue cheats for this month’s furniture and igloo catalogues! In addition to the May Penguin Style, it’s also a prehistoric theme! In addition to the new igloo and furniture updates, CPR has also released a new feature where you can submit your igloo and get some cool awards if your igloo wins! If you wanna check these announcements out check out the news on the CPR site! There are lots of new items in this months catalogue so let’s jump right in and see what they have to offer

On our first page we have; A kiwi seat, a grand piano, earth, a waterfall pond, a judge’s platform, a judge’s chair, and a judges table!

On this page, we have; A broom, a dressing screen, a food stand, some cricket wickets, and a fire pit!

You can find a fairy flower, an ancient tree, a waterfall pond, a bridge of destiny and my favourite; a comfy crab on this page!

You can find; A moose head, a log table, a wood cabinet, a stone table and a pink table on these pages.

You can find; a pastel bookshelf, pastel drawers, a pastel fence, a pastel deck chair and a pastel bench on these pages!

On these pages you can find; a party banner, a dinner table, a vacuum, a lava flow and a dinner chair.

On the final page you can find; A window (keep these away from Chevy), a rare flower pot, a party platter, a shoe rack, and a dance floor!


Onto the new Igloo Upgrades!

In the new igloo catalog you can buy a set of Prehistoric location backgrounds for your igloo! By clicking on the left lense of the binoculars you can buy the Easter Egg Hunt Location and if you click the right lense you can find A Log Cabin igloo!!

There’s also the return of the Penthouse Igloo! Perfect for throwing huge parties for your friends and puffles. As well as the Theatre Igloo! Host a contest, a play, whatever you desire! The possibilities with these new igloos are endless You also can find a bonus igloo by clicking the grey platform of the Penthouse! This will reveal the Gymnasium Igloo.

That’s all for the May catalogues in CPR! Which items are your favourite? Mine has to be the comfy crab, hidden on page 3! Which igloo would you buy, the penthouse, the Gymnasium or the theatre? (I already bought the Penthouse) Let me know in the comments below!

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