Race of CPR [EU]

Hi Ice Racers!

Yesterday we logged onto Ascent to practice our speed. After a short training, you were able to attend our Race of CPR. Congrats to all winners!

== max penguins online: 55==

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Practice Battle v.s. Templars

Hi guys!

Yesterday we logged onto Ascent to practice our battle skills. This time we faced Templars. Everything went as good as always. Thank you for attending and see you one the next event!

== max penguins online: 50 ==

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Practice Battle v.s. Water Vikings [EU]

Salute Warriors!

Yesterday we logged onto Ascent to practice battle skills with Water Vikings. Despite some glitching problem with the game, we made it! Thank you for spending time with us dear Vikings. Also, a huge shout out to all troops who came to this event!

== max penguins online: 49 ==

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Easter Egg Hunt 2021!

Hey Ice Warriors,

For this Easter Weekend, I prepared a fun Easter Egg hunt for you guys. You all had three days to search for a dozen eggs in our Discord server and on our website! Let’s see where they were!

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Hi 100% Legit Leaders!

Today we logged onto Abominable. This time every member of Ice Warriors could try their leading skills. As always you surprised us with your creativity and determination! Amazing job guys!

== max penguins online: 46 == 

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MM Winners Parade! [EU]

Hi MM Winners!

Yesterday we logged onto Ascent to celebrate our victory in March Madness Tournament! Thank you guys for coming and sticking with us! Without all of you, this game wouldn’t have a sense. Huge shout out to all members of Ice Warriors!

Also huge congratulation to our new Leader in Training – DrQueen! Good job sis!

== max penguins online: 53 ==

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MM Training [EU]

Hi Ice Warriors!

Yesterday we held our last training before the final battle of the March Madness Tournament. Despite glitching game, we did it, guys! Thank you for attending. Hope you are ready for today!

Also, we celebrated the birthday of our Trusted Staff – Blushock! Happy Birthday, buddy!

== max penguins online: 55 ==

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Friday Training [AUSIA]

Hey Ice Warriors!

Today we logged onto Ascent for battle training. We practiced room switching and forms. You did so good! If you missed the morning training – remember about another one later today! Let’s train before the March Madness Final Battle!

== max penguins online: 43 == 

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